Karen Hillson 

Producer. Project Manager. Editor

I was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. Driven, dedicated and with an aptitude for learning new things, I graduated from the University of Colorado in three years with degrees in anthropology and speech-language and hearing science. I have travelled extensively, embracing and marveling at the cultural and geographical diversity of Cambodia, Vietnam, Israel, New Zealand, Ireland and more.
I have worked as a lead producer, project manager, and editor. As a producer I oversaw projects from pre-production through post-production, always ensuring that the team executed the client's vision and stayed within budget. 
Working as a project manager I am confident communicating with clients, organizing different departments, coordinating assets, and managing the various aspects of projects. 
As a video editor, I am an integral part of the team start to finish. From brainstorming and visualizing the project, maintaining objectives and progress during to delivering a final edit, I am invested in every step. Through collaboration I hope to define and bring to fruition the visions of others.
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